Fleet Monitoring

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If you’re just wanting to get into technology or if you’re just not sure if you want to embrace it or try it out, talk to James River Equipment. Let them come out and demonstrate just what it could do for you.

Technology will allow you to operate much more efficiently. James River understands this and wants to use that technology to have their customers see James River Equipment as a partner that helps run their operation; rather than just a dealer selling them equipment.

One of their most helpful piece of new technology is their Complete Fleet Monitoring service. It is a revolutionary service that interprets machine data and advises—in simple terms—the best methods to proactively control machine health regardless of machine brand. They can use JDLinkTM and a couple of other OEM manufacturing telematics from any manufacturer, and they can integrate all of your equipment into their fleet intelligence. This allows both you and them to monitor all of your equipment all in one easily accessible spot.

Mobile Alerts

All of the Fleet Monitoring data goes directly to your phone, tablet, computer, or whatever device you may use; where you can easily access it. You can see your machine’s productivity and what its been doing each day, you can see how much fuel is left in your machines so you can have fuel on hand for when they need more fuel, you can see when your machine will need service next or if there is a mechanical or electrical issue with one of your machines. Whatever it may be, Fleet Monitoring will send the correct code to your phones or tablet to let you know instantly what the problem is.

Monitor Movement

James River’s Fleet Monitoring will tell you everything you need to know about your machine and how to properly maintaining it to keep you up and running. To give you even more peace of mind, Fleet Monitoring also allows you to set up perimeters for your machines to make sure no one is out on your jobsite who isn’t supposed to be and that your machines are safe and sound.

All Makes Solution

If you’re worried that you don’t have all John Deere machines and that you can’t get Fleet Monitoring because you don’t have John Deere equipment, there’s no need to worry. James River offers their Fleet Monitoring for not only John Deere, but for all manufacturing brands as well. They understand that you may not have only John Deere, so they offer their Fleet Monitoring for other brands as well. Whatever brand you may use, James River’s Fleet Monitoring can help. They put everything into one easy-to-use portal for all of your machines.

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