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Mini Excavator Serviceability | Find My Fit

For machines that get used on a daily basis, serviceability is incredibly vital to the life of the machine. That’s why John Deere has tried to make daily service checks fast, easy, and accessible to make sure you spend your time in the seat.

The first compartment to take a look at is at the back of the machine where it can be easily accessed, inspected, and worked on. This is where your air filter, fuel filter, and your in-line fuel filter will be located on a 35G.

Daily Service

In the next compartment, you can see how it has a door that opens out completely; for maximum visibility and accessibility. Within this neatly organized compartment, you will find your fuel/water separator, battery, coolers, JDLink telematics, coolant overflow, relays, and GPS if your 35G has it. James River does offer GPS for the 35G if you don’t already have it.  

Service Accessibility

Towards the front of the machine there is another compartment complete with a hood that opens up for optimal accessibility. This compartment is where you’ll find the hydraulic sight glass, where you can see how much hydraulic fluid you currently have. And if you do realize it is low at some point, the compartment makes it easily accessible to get to. This is also the same service compartment that holds your diesel tank; right there on top so you can easily put in your diesel.  

Built To Last

When doing all of your greasing, you’ll notice how easy it is to get to all of the zerk fittings because they are all facing outwards and not in cramped areas. One thing James River Equipment likes to pride themselves on is how they use oil impregnated bushings. By using these, it leads to increased longevity of your pins, bushings, zerk fittings for taking grease, and the overall longevity of your machine.

Test The Best

The best way to find out if a machine is going to work for you is to actually get on the machine and put in some seat-time to truly test it out. At James River Equipment, they love to demo their machines. You can stop by your local James River dealership anytime and they’ll get you up on that machine and let you run it around for a bit to see if it works for you. They’ll even take it out to your jobsite and let you demo it there so you can really see if it’s the right fit for you.

Give your local James River Equipment dealer a call today and they’ll make sure you get some seat time in the fit that’s right for you. Ask them about their service and warranty packages too!

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