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Mini Excavator Versatility | Find My Fit

Many people think of an excavator as only good for moving dirt or trenching. However, John Deere’s Compact Excavators paired with the right attachments are much more versatile.

Quick Attach

The Quick Attach feature on John Deere allows for easy attachment changes. For example, when working on a long ditch line, the back and forth motion of the bucket can be inefficient. To make the most out of our Compact Excavator, you can simply switch the bucket for a trencher to work on one continuous line. In demolition work, a hammer unit on the Compact Excavator allows for breaking through hard areas. Depending on the weight class needed, James River Equipment has a variety of hammer sizes needed for every job, and can help you find the right equipment fit!

Long Reach

Plate compactors paired with a John Deere Compact Excavator, can be useful in hard to reach terrain like a retainer wall. Where a skid steer has difficulty stabilizing on extreme slopes, the excavator and plate compactor can reach from level ground down the slope.

With its long reach, a Compact Excavator allows for the use of attachments like flail mowers, and mulching heads, in tough to reach, unstable areas. From tilt buckets to angle buckets, there’s no end to bucket solutions. James River Equipment also has a specific joint that can attach and actually turn the bucketaround in different directions.

Test The Best

When it’s all said and done, a John Deere Compact Excavator is not a one trick pony. You can use it for multiple applications with the quick attach feature, the various attachments you’re able to use, and the tracks; just like skid steers and CTL’s. It’s like getting the best of both worlds all into one versatile machine.

If you are thinking about any Compact Worksite Product, make sure to ask about all the attachments available. These machines may surprise you. The best way to find the right fit for your needs is to get in the seat! Give James River Equipment a call to schedule a demo today!

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