755K Crawler Loader

John Deere - 755K

Designed to meet the most demanding specs — yours.

Inspired by input from owners and operators across North America, the re-imagined 755K Crawler Loader is loaded with productivity- and uptime-boosting enhancements. Like an ultra-quiet, completely redesigned operator station. More control choices. An innovative on-demand cooling system with optional hydraulic reversing fan. And quicker daily, and less frequent, periodic maintenance. Plus its EPA Interim Tier 4 (IT4)/EU Stage IIIB engine meets rigid emission standards, so you can work the 755K wherever there's work, even in nonattainment areas.


  • Optimal balance of horsepower, bucket capacity, and breakout force for maximum productivity with lower input costs per yards of material moved.
  • Exclusive sealed-switch module gives fingertip control of productivity-enhancing features such as boom-height kick-out and return-to-dig.
  • Viscous cab mounts, rear acoustical glass, and extensive insulation isolate operators from vibration and help decrease noise levels.
  • Operator station tilts a full 53 degrees in minutes, for wide-open component-service access.
  • Assembled at the John Deere Dubuque Works in Dubuque, Iowa.


PowerTech™ diesel engine6.8-L PowerTech™ diesel engine delivers a productive combination of power and torque. Our IT4/EU Stage IIIB technology is simple, fuel efficient, fully integrated, and fully supported. It employs field-proven cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) for reducing NOX, and a diesel particulate filter and diesel oxidation catalyst to reduce particulate matter. Periodic active and passive regeneration automatically cleans the filter without impacting machine productivity.Quad-Cool design isolates coolers from engine heat Quad-Cool design isolates coolers from engine heat for increased efficiency and durability, and keeps them well protected behind the heavy-duty grille and fan. Three-millimeter perforations act as a “first filter,” preventing entry of most airborne debris.Hydraulic-driven variable-speed fanHydraulic-driven variable-speed fan runs only as needed, reducing noise and fuel consumption. Reversing option automatically back-blows cooler cores at preset intervals. When conditions demand more frequent cleaning, simply press a button. Wet-sleeve liners Wet-sleeve liners provide uniform engine cooling and longer durability than cast-in-block designs.


Diesel particulate filter Diesel particulate filter is easily removed for maintenance. Minimum service interval is 5,000 hours and can be done by your John Deere dealer.Exhaust filter operation and statusOn-screen displays indicate exhaust filter operation and status. Diagnostic monitor also records service intervals and provides easy-to-understand service codes to help speed troubleshooting.Vertical filtersVertical filters allow quick, no-spill changes. Engine, hydraulics, and transmission utilize a common oil, further simplifying service.


Hydraulic systemsSeparate, completely sealed hydraulic and hydrostatic systems with common fluid and filter codes eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination, leaving you with fewer maintenance issues to worry about.In-cylinder sensors In-cylinder sensors eliminate external linkage, enabling return-to-dig, boom-height kickout, and bucket leveling. Setting them is push-button easy from the seat. These standard features, plus boom float, help speed cycles in repetitive applications such as truck loading.Cylinder protection The K-Series crawler loader offers optional cylinder protection. Guards protect the boom and bucket cylinders from falling brush, debris, and material spillage. Additional cylinder guards are available for the multi-purpose bucket.


Spacious cabSpacious cab is a welcome departure from the cramped quarters in other loaders. Entryways are wide, and user-friendly pull-type latches ease entry and exit. Viscous cab mounts, rear acoustical glass, and extensive insulation effectively isolate operators from vibration and noise. At just 78 dBA, the cab is noticeably quiet.High-back air-suspension seat Standard high-back air-suspension seat and optional deluxe heated and leather-bolstered lower cushion adjust multiple ways for daylong comfort and support. Arm- and footrests also adjust. Operators will find plenty of space to stow beverages, a cooler, and other carry-ons.Air conditioning Air conditioning is standard. Numerous directional vents keep the glass clear and interior comfortable. Pressurized cab helps keep dust out.


Choose what fits your operator’s style Joystick FNR or V-pattern transmission lever with steering pedals? Single-lever joystick or two- or three-lever hydraulic controls? Choose the arrangement that best fits your operator’s style. It’s yet another example of how we respond to your needs. Sealed-switch module Sealed-switch module gives fingertip control of keyless start, and enables exclusive features such as turbocharger cool-down and auto shutdown. Touchpad security system requires a numeric pass code (when enabled) to prevent unauthorized operation.Return to dig Return to dig allows an operator consistent and precise control of bucket angle. This is good for making accurate, level cuts into a pile or hill. Instead of watching a mechanical guide for consistent bucket position, it allows an operator to pay closer attention to maneuver the machine.Boom height kick-out Boom height kick-out allows an operator to set a (maximum) boom height for consistent control of boom/bucket height. This function is extremely useful to speed production in repetitive loading applications.


Scarifier Unlike scarifier versions found on other crawler loaders, our optional triple-shank ripper is designed for serious business.4-in-1 Multipurpose bucket Want to put even more work within reach? Add a 4-in-1 multipurpose bucket for loading, bulldozing, spreading material, and handling cumbersome objects.Lower bucket pinsLower bucket pins are lifetime sealed and lubricated.


Large service doors Large service doors open wide, and same-side daily checkpoints are conveniently grouped for ground-level access. Engine, hydraulic, and coolant checks and refueling can be done quickly without climbing on the machine. Plus, an under-hood light helps show the way.Operator station tilts a full 53 degreesOperator station tilts a full 53 degrees in minutes, for wide-open component access.Hinged butterfly-style belly pan Hinged butterfly-style belly pan folds down, providing easy service access to the oil pan. Fluid-sample and diagnostic test ports Fluid-sample and diagnostic test ports simplify preventative maintenance work and troubleshooting.Optional quick fluid-service ports Optional quick fluid-service ports help speed changes. 2,000-hour hydraulic/transmission, 1,000-hour engine coolant, and 500-hour engine oil-service intervals minimize maintenance


JDLink machine monitoring This easy-to-use, comprehensive suite of technology increases uptime and productivity while lowering operating costs. JDLink™ machine monitoring provides real-time machine utilization and health data, plus location information. Fleet Care proactively suggests maintenance to correct problems early before they create costly downtime. Service ADVISOR™ Remote enables your dealer to read diagnostic codes, record performance data, and even update software without a trip to the jobsite.

Multi-language monitorMulti-language monitor provides a wealth of machine info in addition to vital and general operating conditions. You can even “customize” forward/reverse ground-speed ranges, steering modulation, FNR shift rate, and forward/reverse speed ratios.Total Machine ControlTotal Machine Control (TMC) allows you to customize operating characteristics and response, for superb, one-of-a-kind control. TMC can also be used to monitor machine readings such as mileage and hours.


Dual-path hydrostatic drivesJohn Deere was the first North American dozer manufacturer to utilize dual-path hydrostatic drives in 1976. These dozers feature 30 years’ experience of unmatched best-in-class dual-path hydrostatics with counter-rotation, infinite speed control, live power turns, counter-rotation, and dynamic braking.Counter-rotating tracks Counter-rotating tracks boost maneuverability on crowded jobsites with space-saving spot turns. It’s a productivity advantage that also works well for overcoming heavy corner loads and for quickly repositioning the bucket on the go.Variable speed control Infinitely variable speed control lets you increase or slow power to either track, for smooth moves around structures and on soft terrain. Power managementPower management takes the guess and work out of efficient operation. Simply set the maximum ground speed and the system does the rest, automatically maintaining peak engine power and efficiency without stalling or shifting.


Exceptionally durable undercarriage Exceptionally durable undercarriage features unitized track frames with mainframe-mounted planetary final drives for maximum uptime. Cleaning the undercarriage has never been easier. Specially designed, guarded, and sloped track frames resist buildup and ensure quick and easy clean-out when needed.Highly stable machine Their six-roller track frames and optimized centers of gravity makes this crawler loader a highly stable machine.Heavy-duty undercarriageHeavy-duty undercarriage features deep-heat-treated, sealed and lubricated track links and through-hardened, sealed and lubricated rollers for maximum wear resistance.SC-2™ advantageTo further increase durability and decrease operating costs, opt for the Maximum Life Undercarriage and Extended Life Bushings.


Standard equipped with JDLink™ Ultimate, you have 24/7-anywhere computer access to your truck’s location, utilization, tonnage totals, monitor alerts, fuel-consumption diagnostics, and hours. Plus geofencing, curfew, and numerous other capabilities.

The integrated tire-pressure monitor helps maximize tire life and fuel efficiency. You can easily check tire pressure via the Internet with JDLink.

Dealer employeeWith a Base Package standard on construction machines equipped with JDLink™ Ultimate, Ultimate Uptime – featuring John Deere WorkSight™ - is a customizable dealer-delivered support solution. This flexible offering is designed to improve your profitability by maximizing productivity and uptime while lowering operating costs.

Base Package includes: 
  •  Pre-delivery set-up of John Deere WorkSight including:
    • JDLink Ultimate telematics
    • Machine-health prognostic
    • Remote-diagnostics and programming capability*

*Charges may apply if remote diagnostics are utilized, although this is significantly less costly than a technician visit to the jobsite.

When your ADT is equipped with the onboard weighing system, load tonnage is also accessible through JDLink.


Engine Manufacturer
Engine Model
Emission Rating
Displacement, ltr (Inches³)
Rated Speed, rpm
Engine Output - Net, kW (hp)
Transmission type
Final drive type
Track rollers per side - std
Track shoe pitch, mm (inches)
Track shoe width, mm (inches)
Ground Contact Area, cm² (Inches²)
Track shoes per side - std


Overall length, mm (ft/in)
Max. height, mm (ft/in)
Track length on ground, mm (inches)
Ground clearance, mm (inches)
Track gauge - standard, mm (ft/in)
Shovel 1 width, mm (ft/in)
Shovel 1 dump height 45° max, mm (ft/in)
Bucket pin height, mm (ft/in)
Bucket reach - max, mm (ft/in)
Digging depth, mm (inches)
Steering clutches and brakes


Fuel tank capacity, ltr (gallons (US))
Implement hydraulic tank, ltr (gallons (US))
Shovel 1 capacity, m³ (yd³)


Ground bearing pressure - standard, kPa (PSI)
Static tipping load shovel 1, kg (lbs)
Breakout force - max, kN (lbf)
Voltage, V
Alternator output, Amp
Pump type
Pump flow, lt/min (gallons (US) / min)
Relief pressure, kPa (PSI)


Operating weight std, kg (lbs)

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