Milling Machines

W 50 Milling Machine

Efficient small milling machine for standard applications, Prime choice for use on sites offering limited space, Numerous milling drums of up to .5m wide ensure wide range of applications

W 50 Ri Milling Machine

Highly productive and innovative small milling machine with working width of 50cm

W 100 i Milling Machine

Efficient milling in the 1m class, Compact cold milling machine for removing pavement layers or milling tie-ins as part of road rehabilitation projects, Detachable loading conveyor, Fold-in support wheel

W 120 R Milling Machine

Highly productive and innovative small milling machine with a working width of 120cm, enormous productivity and efficiency through an optimum engine output, Best ergonomics and operating efficiency, Maximum flexibility

W 120 CFi Milling Machine

Compact front loader in the 1m class, Outstanding productivity and sophisticated vision concept, Precise milling results guaranteed

W 150 CFi Milling Machine

Enormous productivity and efficiency through high engine rated output with ideal adaptation to the milling drum unit, Innovative visibility with a clear line of sight to the right side plate as well as right front crawler unit

W 200 i Milling Machine

Compact 2m machine for efficient milling jobs, automatic parallel machine alignment using PTS, Intelligent ISC track drive control for maximum traction, Low operating cost, Three selectable milling drum speeds

W 210 i Milling Machine

Versatile high-performance milling machine for professional application, compact large milling machine that can be equipped with milling drum assemblies of 1.5m, 2m or 2.2m working width, Three selectable milling drum speeds