Carlson CP75 Commercial Paver

Built to perform, Unmatched crew comfort and visibility, Easy access for service, Furthering material distribution innovation

Carlson CP100

Power in performance, Unmatched crew comfort and visibility, Best-in-Class layout for accessibility, built to a higher standard

Vogele SUPER 700 3i

Ideal paver for surfacing small paths, roadways and open areas, Perfect all around visibility, Positive tracking and precise steering, Powerful and cost efficient

Vogele SUPER 2000-3i

10 foot tracked highway class paver with large range of applications and paving widths up to 28 feet, Powerful Cummins engine, Advanced design provides precise material handling, innovative and reliable drive concept for accurate tracking, The right screed for every application

Wirtgen SP15i

Highly flexible offset mold system, High quality machine management system, Modular adaptability, Ease of operation, Intelligent transport concept, Efficient diesel engine control, Premium class cross slope control