John Deere - S690

S690 S-Series Combine

The S690 is capable of handling all header sizes up to 45 feet in width. The S690 has many built-in performance, safety, service, and reliability features to make harvesting easier in an extra large crop.


  • Dyna-Flo™ Plus cleaning shoe
  • Power folding grain tank extensions and covers
  • 615P slug removal feature
  • ProDrive™ propulsion system automatically shifts between two speed ranges as ground conditions change
  • Feederhouse fore-aft adjustment
  • CommandTouch™ multi-speed feederhouse drive provides extra high-torque drive capacity
  • Active Terrain Adjustment™ feature
  • Factory-installed integrated air compressor
  • Active Concave Isolation (ACI) increases threshing capacity


  • AutoTrac™ RowSense™ system increases machine efficiency while harvesting corn
  • Documentation made easy with GreenStar™ (GS) Harvest Doc™ system
  • Harvesting with GreenStar™ (GS) Harvest Monitor™ system
  • StarFire™ 3000 Receiver
  • StarFire™ attachment for S-Series Combines


  • Extended-wear separator package available
  • Dual-range separator drive is standard on S-Series Combines
  • Single-tine separation (STS™) module provides maximum separation of threshed grain
  • Active Concave Isolation (ACI) increases threshing capacity
  • HD separator grates
  • TriStream™ rotor designed for material handling
  • Selecting the correct concave is key to combine performance
  • Discharge beater moves material quickly away from rear of separator
  • Rice harvesting package provides premium harvesting performance in rice crops while maintaining high capacity in other crops
  • Variable Stream rotor designed for material handling
  • DensePack threshing tines for variable stream rotor
  • Rice performance enhancement package
  • S-Series and STS™ large-wire concaves
  • S-Series and STS™ round-bar concaves
  • S-Series and STS™ small-wire concaves


  • 90-mm (3.50-in.) feederhouse lift cylinders for S680 and S690 Combines
  • Closed-center hydraulics system overview
  • 47-L (12.4-gal.) main hydraulic reservoir for S680 and S690 Combines
  • TouchSet™ hydraulics for all S-Series Combines
  • 80-mm (3.15-in.) feederhouse lift cylinders provide lift required by larger, heavier header equipment


  • 520/85R38 and 520/85R42 wide-spaced dual tires provide increased flotation and decreased soil compaction
  • John Deere 91.4-cm (36-in.) S-Series Combine tracks
  • 580/85R42 dual tires
  • 650/85R38 R1W wide-spaced dual tires provide maximum flotation and minimum soil compaction
  • VF710/65R26 R2, VF750/65R26 R1W, and VF750/65R26 CFO R1W rear tires
  • 800/65R32 drive tires provide excellent performance
  • IF800/70R38 CFO R1W drive tire provides better flotation and reduced ground pressures than comparable non-IF tire
  • IF 900/60R32 CFO R1 drive tires offer increased floatation through increased sectional width
  • IF900/60R32 tire: an excellent single tire for S-Series Combines
  • LSW1250/35R46 Custom Flo Grip 195D R-2 Category number GFGHR6 Firestone® tire
  • Low-sidewall (LSW) drive and steer tires provide superior traction and flotation
  • IF 900/65R32 CFO R2 drive tires can be dished in or out without the use of axle spacers
  • 230-mm (9-in.), bolt-on access platform with single drive tires attachment
  • Medium-length ladder attachment
  • Attachments, short-length ladder


  • Length and orientation of feederhouse provide excellent header visibility
  • CommandTouch™ multi-speed feederhouse drive provides extra high-torque drive capacity
  • Lateral tilt feederhouse with automatic self-leveling system follows varying contours of sloping ground
  • Feederhouse cast-iron slat gathering chain is highly resistant to damage
  • Fixed-speed feederhouse drive
  • High-torque, variable-speed feederhouse drive system
  • Quick-adjust feederhouse drum height
  • Feederhouse fore-aft adjustment
  • S-Series feederhouse designed to handle large front end equipment and the highest levels of material handling
  • Enhanced single-point feederhouse latching
  • Electronically controlled feederhouse reverser
  • Feed accelerator and stone-trap system (FAST) provides smooth crop flow and disperses crop material evenly
  • Slip clutch handles high volumes of material
  • Conveyor chain drive
  • TriStream™ feeding system designed to maximize performance and material handling
  • Variable-speed feederhouse drive system available
  • Feederhouse hooks provide unobstructed view during header hookup
  • Feederhouse safety side shields provide quick access to drive shafts and hydraulic hose connections


  • Comfort in all conditions
  • Enhanced external manual or electrical mirrors
  • Comfortable enhanced air-suspension seat
  • Instructor seat and active refrigerator
  • Combine-lighting technology
  • Intuitive digital cornerpost display
  • Convenient and easy-to-operate controls
  • Flexible cab options
  • Easy-to-operate dual-tilt steering wheel/column
  • Compact overhead control panel
  • HarvestSmart™ feedrate control system
  • Increase productivity with JDLink™ Ultimate telematics system and JDLink Connect enabled for John Deere FarmSight™ services
  • Rotational alarm system
  • Reduced sound level reduces stress
  • Bosch® sound systems make short days
  • Increased storage enhances operator efficiency
  • Better visibility means better harvesting
  • Interactive combine adjustment (ICA)
  • 615P slug removal feature
  • Side belt speed reduction


  • HarvestSmart™ feedrate control system
  • Active Terrain Adjustment™ feature
  • John Deere engine speed management
  • Interactive combine adjustment (ICA)
  • TouchSet™ hydraulics for all S-Series Combines


  • Configuring residue management system by crop type
  • Converting one residue management system to another
  • Residue management attachments
  • Top residue management features


  • Active Terrain Adjustment™ feature
  • Dyna-Flo™ Plus cleaning shoe
  • Conveyer augers provide positive, even grain delivery to the cleaning system
  • Equip S-Series Combines with deep-tooth or general-purpose chaffer and sieve
  • TouchSet™ automatic combine adjustment
  • Adjustable front chaffer
  • Slow-speed cleaning fan drive for STS™ combines


  • Easy unloading on the go with 7.9-m (26-ft) and 8.7-m (28.5-ft) unloading auger
  • 14,100-L (400-bu) S-Series grain tank
  • Power folding grain tank extensions and covers
  • Moisture sensor mounted on clean grain elevator
  • Extended-wear grain-handling system available
  • Folding unloading augers shorten length of combine for transport and storage
  • Rapid material movement with S-Series tailings return system
  • Easy unloading with the S-Series unloading auger
  • Beacon lights help to boost productivity and safety
  • Additional full grain tank sensor attachment


  • Front axle and final drives provide high load-carrying capability
  • Ground drive system provides infinite speed ranges (ProDrive™ transmission)
  • Hydraulic brakes absorb high torque for better corner braking and increased reliability
  • Hydrostatic steering system reduces operator steering effort
  • ProDrive™ propulsion system automatically shifts between two speed ranges as ground conditions change
  • Rear axle positions
  • S-Series rear axle available in adjustable tread
  • Two-speed, 4-wheel drive (4WD) increasing traction


  • Distribute power through the main engine gearcase
  • Powerful John Deere PowerTech PSS™ 13.5L engine
  • Factory-installed integrated air compressor
  • Engine air scoop provides continuously clean fresh air to engine and engine deck compartment
  • Easy-access engine deck
  • John Deere engine speed management
  • Isochronous engine governor enhances overall capacity and efficiency
  • John Deere Final Tier 4 (FT4) automatic filter cleaning process


Engine type
Emission level
Rated speed
Rated power
Power boost @ rated speed
Fuel capacity
Engine family


Drive type
Conveyor chain slat type
Feed Accelerator, Stone Trap (FAST)

Threshing/ Separating

Separator type
Rotor length
Rotor diameter
Rotor speed range
Concave area
Separating area
Discharge grate area


Front chaffer
Front chaffer extension
Sieve area
Total cleaning area (louvered)
Cleaning fan speed

Grain handling

Grain tank size
Unloading auger length
Unloading rate

Base weight - less head

Total machine

Manufacturing location

Date collected

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